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Artifact Handlers

The Maven Plugin for GWT provides two artifact handlers, or in other words two dependency types: gwt-lib and gwt-app.

GWT Library: gwt-lib

A gwt-lib is a JAR that contains both compiled classes and their sources. You can depend on a gwt-lib using either <type>jar</type> or <type>gwt-lib</type> in your <dependency>.

The layout of a gwt-lib is as follows:

File or directory Usage
<slashified moduleName>.gwt.xml GWT module definition, generated by gwt:generate-module
META-INF/gwt/mainModule (optional) generated by gwt:generate-module-metadata, used by gwt:generate-module in downstream projects
**/*.java Java sources, later used by gwt:compile, gwt:devmode, and gwt:codeserver in downstream projects
**/*.class Compiled Java classes
Other resources Other resources, such as *.gss, *.png, and *.ui.xml files

GWT Application: gwt-app

A gwt-app is a WAR that only contains the output from the GWT Compiler: no WEB-INF/web.xml and no Java classes or libraries. You can depend on a gwt-app using either <type>war</type> or <type>gwt-app</type> in your <dependency>. Using <type>war</type> has the advantage that the maven-war-plugin will automatically overlay the gwt-app's content in the resulting WAR.

The layout of a gwt-app is as follows:

File or directory Usage
<moduleShortName>/<moduleShortName>.nocache.js GWT application entry-point
<moduleShortName>/** Other GWT Compiler output