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Basic usage

  1. Add the plugin to your POM, enabling extensions to get the new packagings, and configuring your module name:

  2. Set your <packaging> to either gwt-lib or gwt-app

  3. Add dependencies on GWT

  4. Manage your module in a src/main/module.gwt.xml file. It will be processed and copied to the appropriate place and with the appropriate name according to the configured module name by the gwt:generate-module goal. This can be disabled by setting the skipModule configuration property to true.

Project layout

The default configuration of goals provided by the Maven Plugin for GWT expect the following project layout:

File or directory Usage
src/main/module.gwt.xml GWT module definition, used by gwt:generate-module. The rename-to="" and some <inherits/> will be generated.
src/main/java/ Standard Java sources
src/main/resources/ Standard resources
src/main/super/ GWT super-sources, used by gwt:add-super-sources
src/test/java/ Standard test Java sources
src/test/resources/ Standard test resources
src/test/super/ GWT test super-sources, used by gwt:add-test-super-sources

GWT Version Compatibility

Given its design, the Maven Plugin for GWT should be compatible with a wide range of GWT versions. It is automatically tested against the latest two stable versions of GWT and the latest snapshot. At this time, the latest stable version is 2.9.0.